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Welcome Suzuki Swift Owners

To all of our customers that for the past couple of months experienced difficulties at checkout in our website... the wait is finally over!! working site and new and exciting products for a beloved Suzukis, Enjoy!!

2013 GTi and 1.3L SOHC 16V Full Stainless Steel Headers NOW available!!


New products for your Swift, Geo Metro, Cultus, Pontiac Firefly or beloved bullet as you may call your "little toy". Suzuki Swift performance parts such as SOHC 16V new race valvetrain kit and short runners intake manifold, K&N high performance drop-in filters for the 89-96 Swift GT/GTi, Race Main and Rod Bearings and much more now in stock. Please contact us if you don't receive the newsletter.


Finally uploaded a photo album of Suzuki Swift Performance Parts and Suzuki Swift Racing Parts featured in several of our customer's rides.
All of our customers are welcome to upload their own pictures to keep the album growing, we don't even have 1% of your rides in here, come one, share and pride of your beloved Suzuki among others that share the same passion for these cars whether they are called Swift, Firefly, Geo Metro, Justy or Cultus !!

Enjoy and share,


Our website goes around the Suzuki Swift GTi but we want to make clear to our visitors that 99% of the items listed are available for your Geo Metro.
We support Geo Metro Owners all over the world both in professional racing and street performance. Most Geo Metro are raced in the 1.3L class in road racing with great allowances in weight where there is no 1.0L class. Rally Geo Metro are one if not the most common application for this platform. You will find them using triple independent throttle bodies or a single Weber carburetor, high compression, killer cams and forged crankshafts, rods and pistons.
Street performance Geo Metro find useful parts originally developed for racing such as the aluminum pulleys, aluminum adjustable cam gears, header, flywheel and special alloy exhaust valves among many others.
You can order any part from the website and if it does not show an option or description that clarifies the application, please write in the comments field "Parts for: GEO METRO year =XXXX model =XX". You also are welcome to contact us for any further assistance you require in placing your order