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Turbo Kit Stage III



Yes our race and show winning Suzuki Swift turbo kit has been improved again! Miles ahead of the competition our turbo kit rated the best and most flexible turbo kit for the Suzuki Swift GT/GTi ever built, perfect balance for street use and race abuse.

As you can see, this is the most complete system for maximum performance, control and reliability, reinforced by using exclusively BRAND NEW components of highest quality brand names.

On the 3 most critical components you will find the result of years of development and engineering. The turbo is a Suzuki Racing Development - Suzuki Swift Racing Parts custom specs monster that spools almost as fast as a supercharger and has the ability to generate 300+ HP. The exhaust manifold has undertaken bench flow tests, Dyno tests and race experience modifications to obtain a piece that reduces lag, supports high HP numbers and has the reliability shown it is Limited Life Time Warranty. Last but not least our intercooler showing incredible flow numbers and very low pressure drop balances the equation of extreme low lag and super high Hose power and Torque.

To keep all at the highest level of reliability and performance we offer the optional turbo chip upgrade or piggy back system, or complete stand alone computer, your choice. If you plan to stay within the power numbers generated by small modifications or tuning on your twin cam, then just fuel upgrades and the stock ECU is the best way to go. If you plan to push the limits, then go with the piggyback computer and for full racing machines stand alone is a must. Aerospace steel braided lines, high quality electronics, chromed finished piping, high pressure couplers and optimum volumetric efficient design are the final assets for your safety and reliability to win races or just really enjoy your powerful swift every day. We include the 2 additional tools required for installation so you can actually do-it-yourself as a REAL bolt-on turbo Kit should be.

Suzuki Racing Development - Suzuki Swift Performance Parts Div dyno charts, pictures and videos bellow of recent "TURBOED" swifts.

For all of you power hungry guys out there, let us advance some info. This turbo kit can generate from 180 HP to 350 HP. 180 HP we have seen when installing on a stock car with high mileage with no tuning. 250 HP levels with the upgrades of Stage IV and 350 HP on cars with lower compression ratio, better fuel delivery and ignition timing and more boost. ....oh the magic word...BOOST!! : Boost levels depend greatly on your engine setup, octane used and your elevation above sea level; for completely stock cars we recommend low settings 6 to 9 PSI for about 170 to 180 HP. Mildly modified cars or Stage IV upgrades: 10 to 12 PSI for 180 to 250 HP and for highly modified cars or Stage V: 12 to 21 PSI for up to 350 HP. Stage II through Stage V turbo kits are completely upgradeable stage to stage, you don't have to buy a new kit, just upgrades. The ultimate Drag setup called Full Race Kit runs a different turbocharger and 20 PSI for 445 WHP monsters on full race prepared engines.

Budget in mind...but you still want the best, you can get a Suzuki Swift Stage II Kit for under $2900, for inquiries just email us.

Note: all of our HP/TQ numbers are WHP (wheel horse power) and not Flywheel numbers. If we were into marketing like others companies do, we would advertise flywheel HP that in the Swifts is 12% higher, so our turbo kit made 205 HP in a 150,000 miles car. Don't let any body confuse you, WHP is what matters.

Suzuki Racing Development 2006 Swift GT Turbo Kit

Kit Includes:

Brand new T3-1 turbocharger
Turbonetics Evolution Wastegate
HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve
HKS Turbo timer
Performance Spark Plugs
Autometer UltraLite boost gauge 30 psi
Autmometer Air/Fuel full sweep UltraLite Gauge
Custom Dual Pod A-pillar replacement
Racing Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold
Beautiful chromed finished piping
All required silicone hose ends, gaskets, bolts, & clamps
Oil feed & return in aerospace stainless steel braided lines & couplers
High Flow Air Filter
Super efficient custom front mount Intercooler

Flywheel Approx. HP: 205 HP
Wheel Approx. HP: 183 HP

For Videos, Dynos and Pictures click here

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