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Aluminum Radiator


Having over heat problems in your high compression race car... or your turbocharged Suzuki Swift. From Suzuki Racing Development - Suzuki Swift Racing Parts here is the all aluminum 3 row high capacity extreme efficiency Suzuki Swift Radiator.

Aluminum radiators generally dissipate heat 20-25% better than regular OEM radiators. Add to that the larger size of our Race Radiator and you will get approximately another 20% improvement.

Whenever running an aftermarket setup, one of the first replacements should be your radiator. If you run your car hard (travel for work, weekend events, road race, rally, drag, etc.) you should upgrade to an aluminum radiator as well. The harder you work your car the more heat it produces. Without a good quality radiator to cancel out the heat you will see a decrease in performance and an increase in maintenance problems.


? 100% High-Quality Light Weight Aluminum
? Billet Aluminum Fill Neck
? 1.1 Rated Radiator Cap
? 40-50% Increase in Cooling Ability
? Core Size: 14.75" W x 13.95" H x 2" D

Note: Each radiator is hand welded. Fitting of the OEM shroud needs fabrication. High flow performance electric fan (sold separately) will bolt-on to this radiator.

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  • Model: SUZ-SRD-6147
  • Shipping Weight: 17lbs