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Racing Header 1.0L 3 Cyl Engine

Starting at: $185.95

3:1 Header using 1 1/4 dia. Tubing designed as per our best performer race cars in road racing and rally. Projected primaries and extended collector make a perfect balance for performance results. This header has been continuously reported by street and street/strip customers to improve gas millage. Make sure to select your O2 sensor bung option as O2 sensor bung is required if you have a stock ECU or if you intend to use a closed loop programmable computer/piggy back system or to run an A/F gauge.

The header is projected on the primaries and also in the collector to maximize performance, so it will not bolt to the stock location, that is why we offer the bolt-on option. This option will include flange, donut type gasket, bolts, springs, nuts, counter nuts and pipe to match to the header outlet, and in a very low cost and quick first time installation at your local muffler shop, you will enjoy the benefits of being able to bolt and un-bolt your header with your hand tools and more importantly count with the added safety and reliability that the sprung bolts bring to the complete exhaust system by providing flex and reducing the chance of weld cracking through the entire system. Make sure to click on this option bellow.

In USA 86-88 Geo/Suzuki came with Rocker Arms, 89+ with Hydraulic Lifters. Worldwide 86-94 with Rocker Arms and 95+ with Hydraulic Lifters.

Most common today is Hydraulic lifters IF NOT SPECIFIED bellow, we will send the late model Hydraulic Lifters version.


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  • Model: SUZ-TNT-7006
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